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When @macklemore wears a harness you made in his music video for...

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When @macklemore wears a harness you made in his music video for “How to Play the Flute”… this is fucking awesome. As a goth kid, I think it’s hilarious. Thanks to @miss_angvik for making this happen. My momma is proud.

Things have been tumultuous lately. I’ve been working on orders 12-16 hours a day. THANK YOU for making me this busy.
I’ve also been dealing with a crazy, litigous individual for the past year in my personal life. I have been depressed and anxious for the past year. We spoke out against him and he’s trying to prevent that - with anti harassment orders, defamation lawsuits… he dismissed his own case and now we’re being harassed on Instagram with disgusting “fanpages”. Because he is starting to go after my business, I might be making a further statement on that here, but feel free to check out my personal page @meganmbishop for any and all tea.
I hate bringing anything here because you come here to look at pretty pictures and support my work (which I am forever grateful for), but if it’s preventing me from posting here, I should speak up. It’s time.
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