Currently 3-6 week turnaround

Care Information

Keep hats displayed on mannequin heads or stored safely in hat boxes. 

If your hat gets dirty, try to spot clean it with water first, then a tiny bit of mild soap.  

Use a lint roller to gently remove any dust, canned air can remove dust from feathers, flowers.

If your feather(s) lose their shape, fluff them back up with a hairdryer.

 Please be aware that items with handmade silk flowers require special care to avoid the flowers becoming crushed.  All orders of floral crowns or headpieces will arrive well packaged in a hat box with tissue paper, and work well to store these pieces.  


If the "spikes" of your mary halo crown become bent or misshaped, run the headband under hot water and let air dry.


To clean PVC or vinyl, wipe all items clean with a cotton rag or microfiber cleaning cloth.  Prolonged buildup of body oils can cause discoloration or cloudiness to the clear PVC over the years if not cleaned regularly.  Keep out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.  Store pieces hanging if possible.  Upon arrival, your harness may contain kinks from shipping - this is totally normal!  Wear your harness for a bit to "warm up" the material - the PVC will react to your body heat and relax back into shape.  Please be aware that these are fashion pieces and not meant for actual restraint.

 To care for leather items, use a leather conditioner (saddle soap, oil, etc), which will help repel moisture and dirt.  If your piece becomes wet from water or sweat, dry it out as soon as possible.  Blot off excess moisture with a towel and air dry - do not use heat.  With care your leather items should age beautifully and last for many years!



Hand wash in cold water with mild soap and let air dry for best results.  Long pile faux fur can be combed out if it becomes tangled, but never put it in the dryer.  


If you have any questions about care, please don't hesitate to ask!